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Who we are

The Poggio Ferrata farm is located in the heart of the Alta Murgia Park, in the countryside of Ruvo di Puglia/BA.

Run by several generations since the early 1900s, it was one of the first agritourism farms in Apulia, a pioneer in organic farming.

We offer our guests simple, genuine and traditional local dishes, prepared with fresh produce almost exclusively grown on the farm, safeguarding quality and truly authentic flavours.

Our values

We believe in conscious and sustainable tourism, taking us back to the essentials and values that have disappeared, cultivating harmony between work, family and respect for the environment.

Our philosophy is against the complete mechanisation of agriculture. We try to reduce the use of fuel-powered machines to a minimum in favour of manual work and low environmental impact, allowing us to produce more naturally and without the use of chemicals. We collect rainwater in cisterns and reuse it in the vegetable garden during the warm months. With our choices, we are an active participant in the fight against climate change.

We prioritise the use of biodegradable products and avoid wasting food, energy and water. The farms have always been managed using natural, free-range methods.

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Our activities

We share with our guests the everydayness and simplicity of life in the countryside. We give them the opportunity to participate in daily activities so that they can understand the beauty and importance of organic farming surrounded by nature.

The distance from the city allows us to appreciate the sounds and noises of the countryside, the star-studded sky and the clean air. It is the ideal place to relax, make the most of contact with nature and disconnect from the virtual world.

Our farm is surrounded by forests and nature trails where you can hike or cycle. The little ones can have fun in the playground or on the football pitch.

You can stay overnight in rustic rooms and enjoy genuine products grown and prepared on the farm.

Given our central location with respect to various places of interest, you can use our facility as a starting and stopping point


Our farm cultivates and produces: olives, almonds, wine, meat, olive oil, “Cappelli” durum wheat flour, pulses, vegetables, fruit and eggs.

The menu always varies in accordance with the seasonality and availability of our products. We offer dishes based on seasonal ingredients produced on the farm.

You can buy farm-grown and farm-processed products directly from us.

Choosing to buy organic food grown on small farms supports the livelihoods of independent farming families, sustains the land, promotes the development of local realities and is a sustainable choice for the future.

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Our structure

With a total area of 55 hectares, the Poggio Ferrata farm is divided between reforestation, pastures, arable land, vegetable garden and fruit trees.

The main structure dates back to the early 1900s. The rooms have recently been renovated while maintaining the authenticity and rustic character of the place.

Our dining room, with about 35 covers, accommodates families and small groups, who wish to spend a day immersed in nature, with a simple and genuine welcome!


The yurt is a typical structure of the nomadic peoples of Mongolia. The architecture allows it to be easily assembled and disassembled, given the constant movement of their animals and depending on the season. It is an environmentally sustainable accommodation made of wood and natural fibres.

Spending the night in the yurt is a unique experience that takes us back to a millenary way of life still present in the Mongolian grasslands and makes us rediscover and appreciate the essential, simplicity and contact with nature.

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The Poggio Ferrata farm

Località Murgia Ferrata,
zona rurale 476,
70037 Ruvo di Puglia BA
Tel: +390803612409

  • Jazzo del demonio 9km
  • Cattedrale di Ruvo di Puglia 15km
  • Castel del Monte 30km
  • Gravina sotterranea 30km
  • Matera 50km
  • Polignano a mare 80km
  • Alberobello 100km
  • Laghi di Monticchio 100km
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